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Can any brick be reproduced?

We have replicated most types including Roman size, Ontario size, snap-face, dry-pressed, wood-mold, extruded, “sun-baked”, clinkers/bloats and glazed.


What is the lead time to get a sample match?

Normally 4-5 weeks. Glazes may take longer.


What is needed to have a sample prepared?

We require at least five bricks representative of the lot and photos of the wall. Originals should be as clean as you want reproductions to be.  We match dirt.


What are the anticipated costs of sample?

We charge a fee of $200.00 to defer lab and shipping costs. $400.00 for glazed units.


What are the anticipated costs of production brick?

We charge $65.00 / square ft and up. Quantity orders qualify for sizable discounts.


Do your bricks comply to ASTM standards?

Yes. We use the same clays and similar firing schedules as the big manufactures, so we can infer similar properties. StoneArt, Inc. does not test individual samples nor the originals sent to us, but customer is welcome to do so.


Can severe weather (SW) brick be produced?



How large or small does a project have to be?

We have replicated from 3 units up to 56,000 bricks so far.  Minimum charge is $1,000.


Are other shapes such as floor and roof tiles as well as specially shaped or curved bricks available?

Yes, we made roof tiles for the International Spy Museum, and 6,000 “weathered” ones for a restoration.  We have also matched discontinued “pillow” tiles with grit in the glaze, molded and deco bricks.


Are glazed finishes available?

Yes.  Lab fee for glazed brick samples is $400.00.


What are the most unusual shapes or projects you have done?

Golden color Roman sized bricks with a pronounced “Iron spot” for Carnegie Hall.  Sanded Wood mold bricks for Independence Hall; some inside-radius glazed bricks for Split Rock Lighthouse, and some 16” long pointed wall coping bricks for the Biltmore Estate, and herring bone threshold for a Frank Lloyd Wright restoration; Summerhouse at the US Capitol. for Carnegie Hall, and “Napolean Hat “arched brick coping for Capital Hall, Philadelphia; as well as “double-diamond” deco shapes for restored town houses in DC; egg-and-dart cornice brick, too.  StoneArt, Inc. can engrave name brick for fund-raisers and memorial walls or walkways.



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